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Structural performance and safety is a critical component of our engineering process. Not only do we implement transportation products to comply with North American and European building codes, we are tireless in our pursuit to iterate and integrate product improvements on structural bearing, expansion joint and protective railing systems.

Structural Bearing

We offer a comprehensive range of customized and Marcon-made structural bearings. These elastomeric and pot bearing configurations are engineered to uphold and restore the resilience that unlocks the full potential of structural dynamics.

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Expansion Joints

Marcon custom-designs and fabricates strip seal and finger joints that facilitate structural dynamics. We have collaborated with leading bridge builders and retrofitters across North America to ensure that structural stability spans well into the future.

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Guard Rails

Marcon’s protective systems are designed for seamless integration. Whether it be a pedestrian or passenger pathway, our ambition is to create a quality product that conforms to structural aesthetics and regional safety requirements.

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Milieu Urban Furniture

We’ve designed and curated a catalog of urban furniture to save designers and developers time and money, without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Our benches, tables, chairs, and urban accessories are made in North America with locally-sourced materials.

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