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Expansion Joints

Need expansion joints? We offer a range of solutions including finger joints, strip seals, modular expansion joints, and supporting structures for projects across North America and the globe. 

Innovative Solutions

When it comes to addressing all types of potential bridge movement, we offer individualized and innovative solutions fit for any project. Our system of repeatable production reduces the cost of install, ownership, repairs, and replacement.

Notable Projects

  • Granville Street Bridge
  • Lions gate Bridge
  • Burrard Street Bridge 
  • Fort Nelson Bridge 

Breaking it downExtra Info.


Marcon stocks a wide variety of replacement rubber products to ensure part availability and offer customers lower costs without long lead times. 


We’re involved in projects from start to finish to ensure all design criteria are met. From a simple rubber expansion to a complicated finger joint or modular system with extensive movement, our team approaches every project with a meticulous eye to ensure the success of the design.