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Structural Bearings

Our in-house bridge engineers specialize in all types of bearings, including elastomeric, lead rubber, and pot bearings, creating solutions for almost every bridge project.

Built to Last

We have more than three decades of experience, supplying components to more than a thousand bridge projects across North America, and our product quality is second to none.

Notable Projects

  • Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC, CA
  • Triborough Bridge, New York, NY, USA
  • Bart Rapidtransit, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Sea To Sky Highway (20+ Bridges), Vancouver—Whistler, BC, CA

Breaking It Down extra Info.

Sole Plates

Sole plates and other steel components of bearings must be produced to exacting specifications, and our team ensures this critical step is executed with precision, securing everyone’s safety when the bridge is raised to allow for installation. 


Supported by long-term partnerships, we source and supply all elastomeric bearings domestically. From plain neoprene to steel reinforced elastomeric pads, we provide bearings for all project needs.  


Testing is a critical element of design and quality assurance, and to uphold rigorous internal and external quality assurance standards, Marcon has a comprehensive testing process that adheres to both CAN/CSA and AASHTO requirements.