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Structural Bearings

Marcon’s development of structural bearings for the transportation industry is bolstered by three decades of experience. We have partnered with leading constructors to resolve structural dynamics on more than one-thousand bridge projects across North America and Europe.

Engineering Performance and Maintainability

Our in-house engineering team leads the design and customization of various bearing types, including elastomeric, pot and lead-rubber compositions. Our experience on road, pedestrian and rail bridge projects makes for a seamless integration at the design phase to impart important improvements and to streamline the cost of production.

Marcon’s goal in any partnership is to offer superior performance and efficient maintainability that accommodates a project’s timeline and budget. To achieve this, we source materials domestically, conduct fabrication under strict assurances and test products to meet CAN/CSA-S6 and AASHTO requirements.

Notable Projects

  • Disc Bearings — Burrard St. Bridge, Vancouver CAN
  • Elastomeric Bearings — RFK Bridge, New York USA
  • Elastomeric Bearings — BART LRT, San Francisco USA
  • Bearings for 20+ Bridges — Sea to Sky Hwy, Whistler CAN

Bearing Design In Detail

Elastomeric Bearings

Elastomeric bearings permit the required amount of movement and rotation while sustaining heavy vertical loads. Both plain and sliding bearing configurations can be supported by natural rubber or neoprene elastomer pads. Steel plates can be vulcanized into the elastomer as a laminated bearing for greater degrees of load movement. This steel reinforced pad can be used in seismic, sound and shock absorbing applications.

Pot Bearings

Marcon leverages modern machining technology to mill steel components for precision pot bearing assembly. To accommodate varying degrees of structural displacement, we offer fixed, unidirectional and multidirectional configurations. Marcon pot bearings are designed to the latest local and international standards and our bearings offer superior ease of installation and maintenance.

Lead-Rubber Bearings

For seismic isolation applications, Marcon offers lead-rubber bearings. This type of laminated elastomeric isolator possesses a lead core to increase dampening. The lead core converts seismic energy into heat to efficiently reduce the inertial force on the structure.