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Ruskin Dam Upgrade and Powerhouse Bridge

Project at a glance





Contractor: Flatiron

Owner: BC Hydro 


600KM East of Vancouver, in the North Central Fraser Valley

Products + Scope

Expansion JointsExpansion Joints IconExpansion JointsGuard RailsGuard Rails IconGuard RailsStructural BearingStructural Bearing IconStructural Bearing

Stair Towers

Access Stairs

Walkway Platforms

Control Room Building

Pier Nosings 

Stop Log Frames 

Art Panels 

Bearing Assemblies



Structure Details

The Ruskin Dam Upgrade began in 2012, with the Marcon team fabricating components for the dam, powerhouse, and access bridge, bringing all components up to current seismic standards. 

Project Highlights

  • Upgrading the Ruskin Dam was a highly technical project with tight tolerances, rigorous quality control reporting, and quality assurance inspections—an environment well-suited for our team. 
  • The complicated and specialized steel fabrication was handled by our team, whose diverse experience lent the needed skill and knowledge to the project.
  • Our team fabricated six art panels that were suspended from the piers. Designed by Kwantlen artist, Brandon Gabriel, these panels were fabricated with a steel support frame and aluminum backplates with the artist’s designs cut from weathering steel.