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Engineered Structural Systems. Enabled by Technology.

We are steadfast in our desire to continually innovate. It is this devotion that has led to persistent improvements in Marcon’s processing capacities. Our facilities house some of the most advanced machining, cutting, forming and welding technology in the industry, empowering an experienced team to solve complex structural challenges.


Marcon’s CNC technology is enabled by a wide range of mill and lathe capacities, including one of the largest 5-face vertical bridge mills available. These diverse machining configurations allow for scaled production, high-precision tolerances and output efficiency.

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Plate Cutting

An array of plasma, laser and water jet technologies equip Marcon with the ability to handle a wide range of materials. We can perform cut depths up to 10-inches on our water jet tables and handle materials up to 288-inches in length on our high-definition plasma tables.

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3 Dimensional

We are equipped to process a range of non-flat material, including tube, beam, pipe and angled stock. Our specialized machinery for these tasks are led by CNC technology that enables a constant throughput and material use efficiency.

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Marcon possesses leading robotic welding systems and conducts detailed assurances throughout the fabrication process to affirm high tolerances, consistency and fast production. This results in timely deliverables and cost savings.

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Custom Engineering

Our in-house engineering and drafting team seamlessly integrate into complex projects to design solutions that resolve structural and aesthetic constraints.

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Quality Assurance

Marcon offers complete traceability on all material outputs and conducts production within a rigorous quality management system. Our devotion to the highest levels of quality has enabled us to gain the trust of leading North American contractors.

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Milieu Public Art

Public art can add depth and capture the character of a community. As experts in structural metalwork, Marcon has extended its capabilities to include architectural and public art.

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