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3 Dimensional

Using the latest CNC controlled processing equipment to provide precise, repeatable production, our skilled operators ensure that all of our 3 dimensional services are accurate and consistent.  

Equipped to Deliver

Our fabrication shop is outfitted with dedicated beam, angle, and tube lines, as well as machinery that enables us to process a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thickness. From plasma and laser to mechanical processes, our 3 dimensional services are innovative and deliver quality results.

Machining Capacities

  • Python Plasma Beam Line
  • Angle Master Angle Iron Line
  • Mazak Fabrigear 3D Orbital Tube Laser

Guaranteed Quick Turnaround Times  

Repeatability is key, so all of our processing is CNC controlled. This allows us to minimize material wastage—while keeping projects on-budget and on-track—and ensure that every cut, whether it’s a complicated angle or bevel to aid in fit-up and welding, is precise. 

Committed to Innovation

We believe in forward fabrication, and by keeping our machine shop equipped with cutting-edge technology, our designers are able to explore the material limits for innovative structures and our operators are always ahead of the curve, ensuring that all production is accurate and of the highest quality.