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Structural Engineering and Design

We fabricate the way forward—empowered by technology and driven by innovation. Marcon’s engineering and design services exemplify our ambition to innovate in everything we do. Specializing in dynamic transportation infrastructure components, our team of accredited in-house engineers leverage extensive project experience to resolve complex structural problems.

Bridge Construction Engineering

Marcon’s proficiency in bridge and structural connection design enable collaboration with contractors at the design phase to offer creative improvements that strengthen structural integrity and optimize production costs. We employ one of the largest drafting teams in the Pacific Northwest to facilitate the translation from engineering to production.

Our passion for bridge design has driven proprietary improvements to conventional bearing and expansion joint geometries and performance. This design propensity has led Marcon to produce a line of prefabricated steel truss bridges for municipal applications.

Areas of Structural Innovation

  • Design of custom bridge components
  • Prefabricated line of steel truss bridges
  • Structural element analysis and retrofitting
  • Production planning, estimating and prototyping

Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridges

Prefabricated bridges save municipalities the time and cost attributed to conventional pedestrian bridge projects. Marcon’s experienced engineering team design and engineer a line of prefabricated steel truss bridges to suit your project’s specific needs. Our pedestrian bridges can accommodate spans up to 150-feet and are prefabricated in-house—using our range of fabrication technologies—to achieve regional code requirements. We also offer site assembly and installation services for our bridges.

Structural and Seismic Upgrades

Marcon collaborates with international constructors to assess and rehabilitate legacy bridges. We contribute structural and seismic upgrades to accommodate the complexities of a given bridge design, often retrofitting to conform to very specific aesthetics. Typical areas of replacement include guard rails, expansion joints and structural bearings.

In 2015 Marcon was awarded a Silver Award by a Canadian construction authority for supplying and installing 27 disc bearings with Teflon horizontal sliding surfaces to Vancouver’s historic Burrard Street Bridge. These self-lubricating bearings were configured in nine sets of three to replace the original bearings from 1930 and installed to ensure minimal disruption during peak travel.

Beyond Focus

As specialists in structural dynamics, our engineering team has participated in the research and development of projects that span beyond transportation and infrastructure. Namely, Marcon has consulted Disney on roller coaster components and with artists on aesthetic urban fixtures. We have also produced mirror polishing, base isolation and vibration control systems for an observatory telescope.