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CNC Machining Services

As specialists in vital structural components, all of Marcon’s CNC-led technologies are governed by uncompromising quality assurance protocols to affirm accuracy and efficiency in every piece.

Marcon Machining Capacities

Our vertical and horizontal machine centres have been strategically selected to provide Marcon with diverse processing power. The foundation of our machining program is comprised of a fleet of CNC mills and lathes from Haas Automation. This fleet enables timely production and produces complex geometries for small and large quantity projects.

Showcasing the scale of Marcon’s capabilities is one of the largest 5-face vertical bridge mills available, with a bed capacity of 8’ x 24’, and a large vertical lathe, possessing a 53-inch turning diameter and live tooling to avoid the cost of refixturing.

Machining Centres

  • Johnford DMC6100 Vertical Mill
  • You-Ji 1200 ATC-Vertical Lathe
  • HAAS VF-4 Vertical Mill
  • HAAS VF-12/40 Vertical Mill
  • HAAS ST-45 Horizontal Lathe
  • Support Machines, Presses and Tables

Material Acquisition and Assurance

Thirty years in industry and locations in the US and Canada grant Marcon the purchasing power required to control material cost and ensure product quality. We only process fully traceable materials and we offer a number of different surface finishes. Our experience in infrastructure also affords us the ability to creatively source materials for complex construction requirements.

Custom Engineering

As an organization invested in leading fabrication and forming technology and training, Marcon thrives as a solution seeker to dynamic structural challenges. Our team of engineers, technicians and installers have conceived, created and implemented important infrastructure components across North America. This body of experience in concert with our automated technologies allows Marcon to accommodate both prototype and production-scale projects.