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Plate Cutting

Equipped to handle extensive plate processing, our machine shop caters to both standard and custom requirements. With plasma, laser, and water jets, Marcon combines the latest technologies with experience you can trust to offer quality and advanced plate cutting services, which also include drilling, punching, tapping, countersinking, counter-boring, milling, and stamping.

cutting almost any metal

Marcon leads the metal fabrication industry in both innovation and technology. Utilizing the latest machinery, our speed, accuracy, quality, and cost effectiveness is unmatched and our capabilities are limitless.

Our highly trained professionals have many years of experience, allowing us to meet the most challenging of requirement. We can cut almost any material, including steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, and rubber.

plasma cutting capabilities 

  • Plasma can be used to cut up to 2.5” thick plate; our plasma table can handle up to 96” wide and 288” long
  • Plasma table also offers drilling, tapping, countersinking, boring, counter-boring, boring, milling, and stamping
  • Also offered is a 5-Axis cutting head and 100 ton punching capacity.
  • Minimal slag and flaring–we can maintain an accuracy of 1.5mm on most materials

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Our 6kW fiber lase accommodates laser cutting single-part projects or high-volume processing operations. The laser offers high-speed cutting with minimal heat-affected zones (HAZ) along edges with minimal clean-up. Produced parts require little to no secondary processing due to the cleanliness of the finished cut.

Our 4kW 3D Orbital laser can process a wide variety of tubes, pipes, beams, channels, and angles. Utilizing a 6-Axis laser achieves precise accuracy and cut almost any desired angle for weld preparation. This results in the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of welded assemblies.

Our lasers can process carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum up to 3/4” (19mm) thick while maintaining an accuracy comparable to machine quality (1/32” or 0.75mm).

Water Cutting capabilities

Marcon utilizes two water tables: the first has an 8x26’ table with dual taper compensating heads for precise cutting. The second table has a 5-axis head for complicated 3D bevels. With the ability to cut material up to 10” thick, the water tables can cut steel, aluminum, stainless, titanium, plastics, and almost any other material with minimal heat. We utilize recyclable abrasive medium and all waste water is filtered and re-used in the cutting operation.