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Plate Cutting Services

Marcon is a single-source solution for partners looking to consolidate the cost of engineering and manufacturing. We creatively and competitively procure fully traceable materials and process complex requirements using an advanced array of plate cutting services.

Plate Cutting Technologies

Through the use of modern plasma, laser and water jet technologies, our plate cutting capabilities enable stamping, drilling, tapping, countersinking, boring and milling of single-part and high-volume processing. Our industry experience informs a solution-based approach and our strategically selected tables are optimized to handle a wide range of materials, including plate and pipe throughputs up to 43-feet in length.

Cutting and Material Handling Capacities

  • Plasma cutting to 2.5’’ thick and material dimensions of 10’ x 24’
  • Oxy cutting to 4’’ thick and material dimensions of 10’ x 24’
  • Laser cutting to ¾’’ thick and material handling to 6’ x 12’
  • Water jet cutting to 10’’ thick and table dimensions up to 8’ x 26’
  • Forming up to 12’ with 400-ton capacity

Plasma and Oxy Cutting Services

We offer two distinct thermal cutting processes, a high-definition cutting line for large throughputs and a bevel head plasma table for weld prep applications, both optimized to cut plate depths of up to 4-inches.

Our high definition plasma cutting line offers a constant throughput of up to 24-feet in length, enabling completed components to be unloaded while the system is processing. This multi-tourch configuration enables plasma and oxy cutting along with variable functions that features up to 100-tons of punching capacity and includes drilling, tapping, milling and marking operations.

Our 24-foot long 5-axis bevel head plasma table performs up to 60-degrees of cutting operation to offer superior contour beveling and precision bolt hole cutting. Advanced CNC technology maintains an accuracy of ±0.05-inches (1.5mm) on most materials and is integrated into our processing software for maximized efficiency.

Laser Cutting Services

We utilize 2D and 3D laser cutting technologies to process carbon steel, stainless and aluminum up to ¾’’ thick, while maintaining a cut accuracy comparable to machine quality (1/32’’ or 0.75mm).

A 6kW 2D fibre laser offers high-efficiency cutting to accommodate both single-part and high-volume tasks. This high power laser cutting system produces faster cutting and piercing speeds while upholding edge quality and suppressing heat-affected zones (HAZ). This yields little to no secondary processing and cost savings.

Our two 4kW 3D orbital laser cutting lines perform a range of tube, pipe, beam, channel and angle applications. A powerful 6-axis laser enables high-tolerance angled cuts for weld preparation and a 40-foot automated material handling system expedites processing to assembly fitting.

Water Jet Cutting Services

Marcon’s water jet cutting systems are configured for precision 2D cutting and complex 3D beveling requirements. These systems offer a sustainable operation that recycles abrasive mediums and filters waste water back into the cutting operation, while processing steel, aluminum, stainless, titanium and plastic up to 10-inches thick with no heat affected zone.

Our 8’ x 26’ table is outfitted with dual taper compensating heads and produces precision linear tolerances of ±0.0015-inches (0.03mm) and possesses a maximum traverse rate of 700-inches per minute. This is supported by a dynamic 5-axis cutting table to enable contouring to ± 0.0021-inches (0.05mm) and a maximum traverse rate of 472-inches per minute. This combination of speed and precision is unmatched in water jet cutting technology.

CNC Forming Services

Marcon offers bending and forming capabilities up to 12-feet. Our forming machines feature 235-ton and 400-ton pressing capacities without compromising the structural integrity or deflections under full load. To uphold the quality of Marcon assemblies, each forming station is outfitted with CNC controls that enable precise angling.