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Robotic Welding Services

Best-in-class robotic welding technologies let Marcon perform precise and repeatable fit-ups in a fraction of the time required by conventional welding. This confirms that timely requests are met while upholding critical North American quality standards.

Arc Welding Technologies

Marcon facilities are designed to accommodate large structural assemblies. Adjacent to our extensive 2D and 3D cutting lines, weld prep can progress seamlessly to our fleet of robotic welding cells for high-cycle assembly or into a large-capacity robotic welder for production of parts up to 24-feet in length.

Precision and program cycle efficiency are paramount to our weld production process. Our arrangement of full-time cells possess 6-axis arc control and output a weld repeatability of ±0.003-inch (0.07mm). Considerations that include an integrated cable design and quick torch positioning minimize interferences in cycle time to deliver on-time and on-budget assemblies.

Welding and Handling Capacities

  • Full-time robotic welding cells
  • Cells possess 75’’ horiz. and 135’’ vert. reach
  • Large 4’ x 9’ x 24’ capacity robotic welders
  • CWB and AWS certified

On-Time Assemblies

Marcon prides itself as a strategic partner to constructors and engineers that seek structural solutions. No matter the size of task, we approach every project with innovation and integrity. We’ve invested heavily in fabrication training and technology to enable these attributes and to ensure that our partners receive solutions that are timely, cost efficient and structurally sound.

Surpassing Standards

With integrity as a guiding principle, we are uncompromising when it comes to part and product assurances. In addition to rigorous quality assurance procedures, we uphold CSA W47.1 and CSA W47.2 certification standards of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) for fusion welds of steel and aluminum. Further, we are accredited as D1.1 structural steel, D1.2 structural aluminum and D1.5 bridge welding by the American Welding Society (AWS) for material and design, fabrication, inspection and qualification of fusion welds.